Publication: Amnesty International Report 2008 (28 May 2008)
"Torture, excessive use of force and unlawful killings by police and security forces were reported."

Illegal Logging in Papua and China's Timber theft (27 May 2008)
Companies involved in timber theft from Papua are aided every step of the way by officials from the military, police and forestry department, as long as the requisite bribe is paid.

Envoys explore business opportunities in Papua (23 May 2008)
Envoys from 11 countries in Asia, the Middle East and Africa on Wednesday began meetings with Jayapura government agencies to discuss investment opportunities in this remote resource-rich province of Papua.

West Papuan man forced to rape his fianc�e (22 May 2008)
A report received from the KPKC Synod GKI (Protestant Church) in West Papua documents how a West Papuan man , Alex Wanda (aged 26) was forced to rape his fianc�e, Helen Wali (aged 25 ) by 8 Indonesian Naval marines in Hamadi, Jayapura.

REDD carbon deal struck for Papua (19 May 2008)
Carbon positive The momentum in the push to use carbon markets to help reduce deforestation is growing as a trickle of pioneering projects start up. In the latest example, Australian-based forestry management company New Forests has announced an agreement with the regional government of Papua, an Indonesian province covering the Western half of the island of New Guinea, for the protection of up to a million hectares of tropical rainforest.