UNCEN students call for an end to stigmatisation (25 Oct 2012)
JUBI - A number of students from Cenderawasih University (UNCEN) took part in a rally outside the office of the DPRP, the Legislative Assembly of Papua, calling for an end to the stigma of makar (treason), separatism and terrorism against indigenous Papuans. One speaker, Yason Ngelia said he was very concerned about the crackdown on the demonstration held on the previous day in Manokwari.

Anti-Violence Forum: 'Shooting demonstrators should be investigated' (25 Oct 2012)
Bintang Papua - The incident when shots were fired by the police at KNPB demonstrators who were calling for a referendum has provoked many responses.

End police violence against demonstrators in Papua (25 Oct 2012)
Amnesty International - A pro-independence protest in Papua has been met with a violent response by the Indonesian security forces as four demonstrators were shot by the police, prompting Amnesty International to call on the authorities to halt the excessive use of force.

End the violence against Papuan journalists: Oktovianus Pogau (24 Oct 2012)
West Papua Media Alerts - A statement issued by Pantau Foundation and Southeast Asian Press Alliance (SEAPA). Jakarta (23 October 2012):- Police today attacked a journalist covering a rally organised by the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) in Manokwari in West Papua. Oktovianus Pogau, a reporter with Suara Papua and a contributor to the Yayasan Pantau, was beaten by five policemen while trying to take pictures of police use of excessive violence against the KNPB demonstrators in front of the State University of Papua, Manokwari. Pogau had displayed his press card, but some police did not stop the beating. He sustained injuries to his face.

Police fire on West Papua students (24 Oct 2012) - Indonesian police have fired shots at students who were protesting in the country's West Papua region. They were protesting on Tuesday after being denied a permit to hold a demonstration outside the West Papuan capital Manokwari. A local TV station shown footage of protestors hurling rocks at police and dozens of officers firing shots back at the demonstrators.