Police in Mimika warn of conflict over election (17 May 2008)
Police in Papua's Mimika regency say 3,000 people will probably be allowed to vote in the upcoming election for regent despite not being registered, although this could create conflict.

RI opts for carbon trading over halting deforestation (17 May 2008)

Australia to help Jakarta meet MDGs (17 May 2008)
JAKARTA: Australia will provide an estimated Rp 3.6 trillion (US$391 million) in development assistance to Indonesia in 2008-2009.

Indonesia's army to bid business farewell (16 May 2008)
Indonesia's powerful military, pushed out of politics a decade ago when Indonesians embraced democracy, must soon relinquish another prize: a motley array of businesses including golf courses, offices, and taxi firms.

CAT concludes 40th session (16 May 2008)
The Committee against Torture today concluded its fortieth session after adopting its annual report to the General Assembly and issuing its concluding observations and recommendations on reports from Australia, Sweden, Algeria, Costa Rica, Indonesia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Zambia and Iceland, which it reviewed during the session.