Papuan students oppose special autonomy (22 Apr 2008)
Scores of West Papuan students from the United West Papua Popular Struggle Front (Pepera) demonstrated today on the Udayana University campus in the Balinese provincial capital of Denpasar. They were protesting against special autonomy for West Papua and calling for a referendum to be held.

South Papuans demand rapid formation of proposed province (21 Apr 2008)
Fifty tribal leaders from Merauke, Boven Digoel, Asmat and Mappi have demanded the Papua people's assembly (MRP) soon process the proposed development of the four regencies into a new province separate from Papua.

Critical Assessments upon UPR review of Indonesia (10 Apr 2008)
We, the Indonesian NGO Coalition on Universal Periodic Review (UPR), express our utter disappointment and deep regret over the UPR review of Indonesia. Widely shared hopes and expectations of a transparent, meaningful and constructive UPR process were shattered amidst a farcical showing of self- and mutual exoneration statements and loaded questions from Indonesia and its closest friends.

No possibilty of South Papua province for two years (8 Apr 2008)
Activists in Merauke, Papua, who support the creation of an autonomous South Papua province put up signboards Saturday at the governor's office, legislative council building and the General Elections Commission office as part of their ongoing campaign.

Arrests, Problems in Aceh and Papua (8 Apr 2008)