Pollution Threatens Youtefa Bay, Papua (4 Apr 2008)
The Youtefa Bay tourist site in Jayapura is being threatened by sedimentation and pollution from household and industrial waste, says the head of a local environmental agency.

Senate letter on training Kopassus and Brimob (3 Apr 2008)
Following recent conversations with U.S. Ambassador to Indonesia, Cameron Hume and officials at the State Department to discuss the Administration's intention to re-engage with certain units of Indonesia's military and police forces, we are writing to express our opposition to this initiative.

Is President SBY Concerned Over Papua? (2 Apr 2008)
In the first-ever informal meeting with the leadership of Regional Representatives Council (DPD) at the presidential office here Friday, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono expressed his concern over the social unrest in Papua and simultaneously his commitment to address the prolonged issue.

West Papua Report April 2008 (1 Apr 2008)

Papua in Peril (1 Apr 2008)
Despite its closeness to Australia, Papua is virtually a closed world to Australian and other international reporters because the Indonesian government fears they'll report on the continuing insurrection by Papuan rebels.