Most Papuans consume rain, river water (31 Mar 2008)
JAYAPURA: A majority of Papuan people still consume rain and river water since 70 percent of villages in the provinces have no clean water facilities.

President urged to appoint special envoy for Papua (29 Mar 2008)
A delegation of Papuan politicians has called on President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to appoint a special envoy to improve Papua's image in the international world.

British report urges Indonesia dialogue with Papua (28 Mar 2008)
The British Foreign Office has urged the Indonesian government and all Papuan groups to engage in a peaceful dialogue. In its Human Rights Report 2007 launched this week, the Foreign Office says while peace was being maintained in Aceh, Indonesia continues to experience low level conflict in Papua.

Greenpeace Hails Papua Log Export Ban (28 Mar 2008)
The international environmental activist group Greenpeace called for Jakarta to strongly support the maintenance of Papua's log export ban despite recent logging industry pressure to loosen the regulation.

Govt reforms, monitoring vital in developing Papua (28 Mar 2008)
The Papuan local government is facing serious bureaucratic problems, such as disorganization, poorly skilled personnel, overlapping duties and complicated bureaucratic procedures.