Defence Minister's call amounts to the Obstruction (27 Mar 2008)

Letter from Councillor to Foreign Secretary (27 Mar 2008)
I wanted to write to you, briefly, to express my anger and dismay at the appeasement of Indonesia by your department, particularly by Under Secretary Meg Munn in her speech at Wilton Park on March 3rd.

Timika flag-raisers, latest developments (25 Mar 2008)
Following the hoisting of the Bintang Kejora (Morning Star flag) by Papuans in front of the St Petrus Paulus [Catholic Church] in Kwamki Lama, Timika on 1 December 2007, 35 people were arrested by the Timika police and are being held for interrogation.

Consequences of Creating New Provinces by Perp (21 Mar 2008)
The government has announced its intention to introduce a Perppu (Presidential Regulation in Lieu of Law) to provide the legal framework for the Province of West Papua within the Special Autonomy Law No 21.2001 (Otsus Papua). According to the government, this would provide the legal umbrella that will resolve this problem.

According to latest reports from West Papua, more than a dozen Papuans have been arrested for taking part in peacefully unfurling their flag, the Morning Star (Kejora), some or all of whom are likely to be charged for rebellion (makar).