Understanding the Papuans' call for referendum (20 Mar 2008)
The Indigenous Papuans have begun calling for referendum to decide the future political status of Papua province. The call was raised by the Papuan youth. I do think that the same call will be raised in days and months to come.

The Indonesian government should order the immediate release of nine Papua activists arrested for displaying the Papuan Morning Star flag, Human Rights Watch said today. All charges against them should be dropped.

saving Papua (19 Mar 2008)
Because of limited access to health facilities in Papua, the government is prioritizing AIDS treatment there. However, international funds to assist AIDS program have decreased and a number of provincial governments have also cut their budget allocation for HIV programs.

Shattered illusions (19 Mar 2008)
When BP set out to build a �3.5bn natural gas plant in remote West Papua, local villagers hoped for a bright future. But all is not well.

Indonesia: Politics and Government (18 Mar 2008)
UK Foreign Office Minister Meg Munn MP met Indonesian Foreign Minister Wirajuda on 3rd March 2008 at a Conference at Wilton Park, near Brighton, England, entitled: "Indonesia: Political and Economic Prospects".