Refugees in PNG travel the road to self-reliance (12 Mar 2008)
Hundreds of refugees in western Papua New Guinea (PNG) could soon take a big step towards self-reliance thanks to provincial government plans to upgrade a vital road. Surrounded by a vast tropical rainforest in an area of heavy annual rainfall, the refugee settlement at East Awin is located on the 110-kilometre-long dirt road linking the town of Nomad to Kiunga, a mining centre close to the border with Indonesia's Papua province.

US Department of State Indonesia (11 Mar 2008)
The government generally respected the human rights of its citizens; however, weak legal institutions, limited resources, and insufficient political will prevented accountability for serious abuses that occurred in the past.

Papua Breakthrough (10 Mar 2008)
More than 600 central and Papua government officials met with representatives of 40 donor countries and international organizations to synchronize development efforts in the nation's easternmost province.

Indonesia's Underdeveloped East (10 Mar 2008)
STARVATION has claimed lives in Makassar. A woman who was in her seventh month of pregnancy and one of her sons died. Basse, 36, and 5-year-old Bahir were believed to have been without food for three days. Two of Basse's children, 3-year-old Aco and 9-year-old Salma were treated at Haj Hospital in Makassar.

Papuan women protest ineffective anti-AIDS fight (10 Mar 2008)
A women's alliance has called the campaign against HIV/AIDS infection in Papua ineffective, citing the steep rise in cases in the last several years.