Oral statement by Budi Hernawan (10 Mar 2008)
My name is Budi Hernawan OFM, I am speaking on behalf of Franciscans International and the Office for Justice and Peace of the Catholic Diocese of Jayapura, which have presented a detailed Shadow Torture Report on the Practice of Torture in Aceh and Papua from 1998-2007 to the Committee Against Torture.

Papuans 'Fed Up' with Special Autonomy (8 Mar 2008)
Growing demands for a self-determination referendum show the Papuan people are fed up with corruption caused by the province's "special autonomy" status, an academic and informal leader said.

[UK] Government chided over inaction: (8 Mar 2008)
The former Bishop of Oxford has condemned the government's inaction in the face of on-going human rights violations by the Indonesian government in West Papua.

Public panel discussion: Civil society involvement in UPR - The example of Indonesia (6 Mar 2008)
The Faith-based Network on West Papua, the Friederich Ebert Stiftung, Pax Romana and Forum Menschenrechten jointly organize a panel discussion on civil society involvement in the UPR.

Komnas HAM holds talks with Biak communities (6 Mar 2008)
Biak: After having meetings with the DPRP, the MRP and the Papuan provisional government, a team from Komnas HAM visited Biak Numfor to seek opinions from local people about views for and against the satellite launch project.