Government to make legal umbrella for West Papua, (5 Mar 2008)
Jakarta- The government is expected to issue a government regulation in lieu of law as a legal umbrella for West Papua in the framework of special autonomy as stipulated in Law No.21/2001, President Susilo Bambang Yudoyono said.

New law to end Papua legal dispute (5 Mar 2008)
The government will issue an emergency government regulation within the next two months to justify the formation of West Papua province, which has been a source of tension between Jakarta and Papua for the last five years.

Detained Papuan students set free (5 Mar 2008)
JAYAPURA: Two Papuan students detained after a pro-Papuan independence demonstration were released after paying bail to the local police.

Papuan protesters demand referendum (3 Mar 2008)
Papuan members of the West Papua National Authority gathered Monday to demand the government hold a referendum, claiming that special autonomy has failed to raise the welfare of local people.

Students stage rallies across Papua (3 Mar 2008)
A spokesman for the West Papua National Authority, Jack Wainggai, says the rallies aimed to voice Papuans' desire for a peaceful solution to the violence and poverty they live with.