More HIV education needed in schools (27 Feb 2008)
While every school in Indonesia is required to provide basic information about the prevention and transmission of HIV/AIDS, only 45 percent educate their students using a life-skills approach in dealing with the virus.

Two senior OPM fighters surrender, vow to help develop region (25 Feb 2008)
Two senior campaigners of the Papua Free Movement (OPM) surrendered over the weekend with a statement praising the significant progress the province has achieved.

Army must upgrade arsenal: Chief (25 Feb 2008)
TIMIKA, Papua: Army chief Lt. Gen. Agustadi Sasongko Purnomo says he would urge the government to upgrade its arsenal which has become outdated because of a limited defense budget.

Papuan officials told to work hard for people (21 Feb 2008)
Papua Governor Barnabas Suebu told regents and mayors in the province that territorial isolation was not an excuse for a lack of social welfare and development programs.

Mily Prosecutors In Papua Attend Workshop On Human Rights (20 Feb 2008)
The workshop's purpose was to impart greater knowledge and understanding about community-oriented policies, conditions to be met in reporting cases according to the UN system,and synchronization of international, national and local human right regulations, including the existence of the International Criminal Court, Donnelly said