Indonesia says it does not recognize Kosovo's independence (19 Feb 2008)
Indonesia said Monday it does not recognize Kosovo's declaration of independence, a move that reflects Jakarta's concern that the pronouncement could energize its own separatist movements.

Intellectuals criticize Papua bill (18 Feb 2008)
Two Papuan intellectuals have expressed deep concern over a bill on the formation of four new provinces in Papua, which they said would benefit Jakarta and could sow conflict among tribes.

Kalla asks Papua to use local wisdom in development (18 Feb 2008)
Vice President Jusuf Kalla on Saturday asked Papua to use local wisdom to accelerate development and achieve the true potential of the resource-rich province.

A new approach to building a new Papua (16 Feb 2008)
Papua Governor Barnabas Suebu is hosting a big meeting of Papua development partners in Jayapura on Feb. 15-21, 2008, with the theme "Coordination and Synchronization for People Driven Development". The meeting is part of his efforts to coordinate and synchronize donor support for Papua development programs.

Letter to UN SG of the U.S. House Comm on foreign affiars (14 Feb 2008)
We are writing to express our deep and growing concern regarding rising reports of human rights violations in West Papua. These reports come against a backdrop of decades of abuse by Indonesian security forces targeting the Papuan people.