Mediator needed to oversee Papuan 'special autonomy (9 Feb 2008)
Papua needs a mediating force to oversee an effective implementation of special autonomy, similar to that in Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam, a religious leader in Jayapura said Friday.

New solution needed for Papua (8 Feb 2008)
The House of Representative issued on Jan. 22, 2008some 21 drafts of bills around the creation of 21 new regions in Indonesia, including the formation of four new provinces in Papua.

U.N. envoy urges Indonesia to step up AIDS battle (8 Feb 2008)
Indonesia should be more aggressive in preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS to the general population while infection levels are still low, a U.N. special envoy said on Friday.

The Military's Tracks in Aceh and Papua (7 Feb 2008)
Suharto used the military approach to deal with the Aceh and Papua conflicts, resulting in thousands of victims.

West Papua Report February 2008 (6 Feb 2008)