Ambush and Arrest of KNPB in Timika, West Papua (19 Oct 2012)
TAPOL - Dear people in the world, I'm writing this letter under the threat of ambush and arbitrary arrests by Indonesian Police and Detachment 88. This down morning (19/10) at 5.00 A.M (local time), 5 members of KNPB, including KNPB chairman of Timikia Region, Steven Itlay and the vice chairman of West Papua National Parliament in Timika, Romario Yatipai already beeng arrested by Dethacement 88 and Police without any clear reason. They were ambushed while sleeping and treated like terrorists.

Police arbitrarily arrested five Papuan activists and copy documents related to their political activities (18 Oct 2012)
AHRC - The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received the information regarding the arbitrary arrest of five Papuan activists in Jayapura, Papua on 12 October 2012. The five activists were arrested on the allegation of involvement in importing or distributing explosive materials. The police did not have any evidence to arrest and detain them and they were later released. The police, however, copied several documents belonging to the activists related to their political movement.

Cause for concern for West Papuan activists (17 Oct 2012)
AWPA - AWPA has called on the Minister for Foreign Affairs Bob Carr to urgently raise concerns about the crackdown on peaceful activists in West Papua.

Security forces urged not to resort to violence on the anniversary of KRP-III (17 Oct 2012)
Bintang Papua - The plan by a group of people to commemorate the events that occurred last year at the time of the Third Papuan People's Congress (KRP III) when several people lost their lives has been described by the Papuan Provincal Legislative Assembly (DPR Papua) as a legitimate expression of Papuan concerns. It called on the security forces to refrain from again resorting to violence on this occasion.

A Papuan who writes prolifically to promote the identity of his people (16 Oct 2012)
Bintang Papua and West Papua Media Alerts - The Rev. Socrates S. Yoman is well known for his prolific writings about his people’s struggle. He was recently interviewed by Bintang Papua at his home.