The death of Suharto, Epitaph on a crook and a tyrant (31 Jan 2008)
He was a despot, a cold-war monster cosseted by the West because his most plausible opponents were communists. Behind his pudgily smooth, benign-looking face lay ruthless cruelty. The slaughter as he consolidated his power in the mid-1960s cost hundreds of thousands of lives. Tens of thousands were locked up for years without charge.

Don't gloss over atrocities (29 Jan 2008)
INDONESIA has lost its formidable dictator Suharto but his poison still runs in its veins. That may be a harsh judgment on a leader courted by Australia and esteemed as a national builder and regional leader. But consider the facts.

Call for consultation on Papuas split up (29 Jan 2008)
A religious leader in Indonesia’s Papua has called for Jakarta lawmakers to consult with Papuans before going ahead with their plan to split their region into four new provinces. Last week, Indonesia’s House of Representatives endorsed its own plan to create eight new provinces, including adding four provinces to the two in its Papua region.

Suharto leaves violent legacy (28 Jan 2008)
Ex-General Suharto of Indonesia died quietly in bed at age 86, unlike up to a million Indonesians his loyalists had killed after taking power in a coup, and at least a hundred thousand killed in East Timor. Suharto was a brutal dictator, and his death does not end his violent legacy.

Government Should Investigate Crimes of Former Dictator (27 Jan 2008)
The death of former president Suharto at age 86 provides an opportunity to commemorate the many victims of his oppressive regime, Human Rights Watch said today. Human Rights Watch said the Indonesian government should make a serious commitment to hold accountable the perpetrators of human rights abuses during his rule.