Police still breaking human rights law (12 Dec 2007)
The country has been too slow to implement the 1998 human rights law and as a result violations have continued across the country, a seminar heard Tuesday. Former commissioner for political rights at the National Commission on Human Rights, MM Billah, said there was no room for NGOs to monitor the implementation of the 1998 law as it was under government authority.

Slow year for human rights, say activists (11 Dec 2007)
Human rights activists say there has been no significant improvement in human rights protection in the country this year. "Many people have been said to have disappeared without a trace, but ipso iure (by operation of the law) we can not find the kidnappers. (Human rights activist) Munir died, but ipso iure we can not find his murderers.

Biofuels, Climate Change and Climate Justice (6 Dec 2007)
Six organisations from North and South will be presenting evidence about the catastrophic impact of large-scale biofuel production on the climate and ecosystems, communities and food sovereignty at a UNFCCC side event on 6th December.

Papua moves to ban all log exports (6 Dec 2007)
Papua will ban all log exports from next month, in a radical move to preserve one of the world's largest remaining tracts of untouched forests. Governor of the Indonesian province, Barnabas Suebu, told The Age that the Bali climate change conference should endorse funding the anti-logging moves, due to its impact on reducing global warming.

Indonesia exploiting prejudices to stay in Papua (5 Dec 2007)
Indonesia's military is exploiting prejudices against indigenous Papuans so it can remain in the impoverished region, an Australian researcher said today.