Indonesia seeks payout to save forests (8 Oct 2007)
Reuters - Indonesia wants to be paid $5-$20 per hectare not to destroy its remaining forests, the environment minister said on Monday, for the first time giving an actual figure that he wants the world's rich countries to pay.

Papua's forests and global warming (6 Oct 2007)
Papua is the size of California and is almost entirely covered by vast stretches of virgin rain forest spread over 41.5 million hectares -- or 23 percent of Indonesia's total forested area of 180 million hectares. But some 22 million hectares of these forests are classified as production forests, rather than conservation areas.

Native Peoples Score Historic Political Victory (4 Oct 2007)
UNITED NATIONS, Sep 13 (IPS) - After 22 years of long and cumbersome negotiations, leaders of the world's 370 million indigenous people have won a powerful symbolic victory in their fight for recognition of the right to self-determination and control over their land and resources.

In Good Faith: a meeting for faith-based NGOs promoting peace in West Papua (4 Oct 2007)
Franciscans International hosted a two-day meeting for the faith based network on West Papua – a concert of NGOs promoting peace, justice and human rights in the region. Along with Franciscans International, the network consists of Justitia et Pax Netherlands, ICCO, Cordaid, Geneva for Human Rights, the West Papua Netzwerk, the United Evangelical Mission and other renown Christian organisations with grassroots constituencies in West Papua. The Geneva rendezvous gave the NGOs an opportunity to share information on developments in West Papua and to discuss future advocacy strategies.

Mimika villages fail to cash in on Papua's rich natural resources (3 Oct 2007)
Markus Makur, The Jakarta Post, Timika - Papua province's rich natural resources have had no impact on life in the remote villages of Asmat and East Mimika Jauh, in Mimika regency.