Indonesia: Bold Court Decision Good for Free Expression (19 Jul 2007)
Human Rights Watch - The ruling by Indonesia's constitutional court to declare unconstitutional a set of laws that criminalize free expression is a bold and welcome decision, Human Rights Watch said today. All prisoners currently serving sentences under these laws should be immediately released.

Indonesian Police interrogates nine Adat leaders in West Papua (17 Jul 2007)
West Papua Netzwerk - On Friday, 6 July, 2007 the second Adat Community Conference (Konferensi Besar Masyarakat Adat Papua II) was just ending in a gym in Jayapura, when suddenly Superintendent Paulus Waterpauw, detective force leader, stood at the door. He handed an official document to 11 Adat leaders, summoning them to come to the police office to be heard.

Speed up the Special Autonomy (15 Jul 2007)
Having been spread out as rumours for quite some time, Presidential Decree No. 5/2007 regarding the Speeding of the Development of the Province of Papua and the Province West Papua was publicly released.

Local parties for all (13 Jul 2007)
The Jakarta Post - The current brouhaha over the establishment of a local political party in Aceh raises a more important question about the exercise of democracy and equality in Indonesia: Shouldn't other regions be allowed to form their own regional parties to contest national and regional elections?

Monseignor Alo: Building a Peaceful Future for West Papua (11 Jul 2007)
Justice and Peace Netherlands - “Particularly complex.” With these words bishop Alo of Asmat characterizes the situation of West Papua. In his eyes the Franciscan optimism shines, but in his words lies worry. West Papua is a land with great possibilities and many natural riches. Will the Papuans in the future ever be able to enjoy those riches?