Feud in Timika (7 Aug 2012)
by tempointeractive - At Sunday two Timika residents were attacked and tortured by 30 men armed with machetes and wooden clubs.

They are just Papuans (2 Aug 2012)
Inside Indonesia, by Budi Hernawan - The statement by President Yudhoyono that recent violent incidents in Papua are ‘small-scale incidents compared to those in the Middle East’ (Jakarta Post, 12 June 2012) is worrying. The worry is not only that, by comparing Papuans and people in the Middle East in this way, he appeared to confuse his constitutional duty to protect Indonesian nationals with his role as observer of world politics. It is also because his comment suggests the president views Papuans as living ‘bare lives.’

Filep Karma refuses to take oath in Buchtar trial (1 Aug 2012)
West Papua Media Alerts - Filep Karma who has diligently fought for the basic rights of the Papuan indigenous people refused to take the oath when summoned as a witness in the ongoing trial of Buchtar Tabuni. He said that the court was a full of people who know only how to deceive and trick the Papuan people.

Local Peoples always being the victims of violence by security forces when they refused to cut sago trees (1 Aug 2012)
Tabloidjubi - Local Peoples of Wondama Bay, West Papua province, Indonesia, has always been the victims of violence by security forces. They were beaten and taken to the Police Office at Manokwari, to be processed because they refused local government cutting down the sago trees to open the road and other development.

Yusak Pakage questioned by police for possessing a pocket knife (26 Jul 2012)
West Papua Media Alerts - The former political prisoner, Yusak Pakage, was taken to a police station in Jayapura for questioning after an incident that occurred while he was sitting in court, waiting for the second hearing in the trial of Buchtar Tabuni on 23 July to begin. The JUBI report says that, while sitting there, he was showing his anger [presumably feeling incensed at the fact that a man of Buchtar Tabuni's stature and reputation was facing charges in court].