Papua could soon become an Emergency Zone (13 Jun 2012)
Bintang Papua and West Papua Media Alerts - Leaders of two of the main churches in Papua, the Kingmi Church and the Alliance of Baptist Churches in Papua, say that many of their church members are now afraid to leave their homes in the evening.

Theo van der Broek: Jakarta-Papua dialogue: It’s nothing but talk-talk (12 Jun 2012)
JUBI and West Papua Media Alerts - Solving the Papuan conflict by means of peaceful communication has been constantly talked about by the government, by traditional leaders as well as by religious leaders in Papua as well as in Indonesia but nothing has happened yet, said Theo van der Broek, chairman of the Franciscan KPKC in Jayapura.

Document - Indonesia: Investigate military attacks on villagers in Wamena, Papua (8 Jun 2012)
Amnesty International - The Indonesian authorities must ensure a prompt, independent and impartial investigation into reports of unnecessary and excessive use of force including firearms by security forces in Wamena, Papua province.

President urged to appoint without delay team for dialogue with Papua (6 Jun 2012)
AHRC - President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono is urged to immediately appoint members to a dialogue team in order to intensify dialogue with stakeholders both in the Land of Papua and Jakarta. The formation of a dialogue team is an urgent need and essential to bring to an end the shooting incidents that have recently occurred in Papua.

Indonesian army on brutal rampage across Wamena (6 Jun 2012)
West Papua Media Alerts - A bloody and brutal rampage by Indonesian security forces is currently underway in Wamena, in the Baliem Valley of West Papua, after two soldiers were killed for running down a small boy in Wamena on Wednesday afternoon.