West Papua Report - June 2012 (5 Jun 2012)
WPAT / ETAN - The Indonesian Government's human rights record came under scrutiny at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva which convened a quadrennial review of Indonesia's progress on human rights protection. The focus on developments in West Papua was more intense than the last review with the denial of freedom of speech and the holding of political prisoners among the leading concerns. Indonesia promised to invite the UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Speech though it was unclear if he would be allowed to visit West Papua. The U.S. State Department released its annual global review of human rights observance. The report gave significant attention to human rights violations in West Papua with some focus on the role of the security forces. As in the past, the State Department report ignored the Indonesian government's failure to provide minimally adequate health, education and other vital services to the Papuan people. Amnesty International also issued its annual report on human rights with a significant focus on rights issues in West Papua. A detailed study revealed the Indonesian government's failure to protect Papuans from unscrupulous land developers in West Papua. Demonstrators in Vanuatu targeted their government's warming relationship with Indonesia, particularly with Indonesian security forces.

German national gunned down in Papua (1 Jun 2012)
Jakarta Post - On Tuesday 29. May, the german Dietmar Pieper was shot on a beach of Jayapura, in Papua while he was taking a walk with his spanish life partner Eva Medina.

UPR 2012 recommendation: challenges to Indonesia's commitment in enforcing human rights for the next 4 years (1 Jun 2012)
AHRC - KontraS (The Commission for the Disappeared and Victims of Violence), SETARA Institute, AHRC (Asian Human Rights Commission), ICTJ (International Center for Transitional Justice, PGI (Indonesian Church Fellowship) and PI (Protection International) welcome the recommendation of the UPR (Universal Periodical Review) session released on May 25, 2012. The UPR Session has released a number of recommendations in regards to human rights enforcement that we see as important and must be followed up by the Indonesian Government in the next four years.

Government's denial at UN UPR very disappointing (23 May 2012)
AHRC - Today, the Indonesia's human rights record was reviewed by the UN Human Rights Council in the 13th session of the Universal Periodic Review in Geneva, Switzerland. Key issues, such as the protection of freedom of religion or the human rights situation in Papua, were raised by many UN Member States participating in the review.

High Cort upholds three-year sentences for Forkorus and his colleagues (11 May 2012)
West Papua Media Alerts - JUBI: The High Court in Papua has decided that Forkorus and his co-defendants should be sentenced to three years, in accordance with the verdict declared at the trial on 16 March. The defence lawyer of the five men, Gustaf Kawer said that the High Court’s decision had simply affirmed the verdict of the district court which had given the men sentences of these years each.