Prison warders beat and kick more than forty prisoners (10 May 2012)
West Papua Media Alerts - JUBI: At least 42 prisoners – both political and criminal – have been beaten by warders in Abepura Prison where they are being held, with these beatings occurring on 30 April. According to information from the Justice, Peace and Creation Secretariat (SKPKC) in Jayapura, the prisoners who were beaten included Selfius Bobii, Luis Kossay, Terianus Tabuni, Wayus Hubi, Markus Dubi, Stenly Palondong, Alfian Palendeng, Erens Apromis, Octo Ikinia and Fredy Marsyom.

West Papua Report - May 2012 (4 May 2012)
ETAN - One demonstrator was reportedly killed, two were wounded, and 13 arrested in May 1 demonstrations throughout West Papua. The protests marked the 49th anniversary of Indonesia's coerced annexation of West Papua. Indonesian government plans to continue to send settlers from outside into West Papua ("transmigration") has prompted protests from Papuan organizations who fear the further marginalization of Papuans and growing communal tensions. Several international organizations have protested continued, longstanding efforts by the Indonesian government to cover up human rights violations by preventing journalists and rights observers from traveling to or within West Papua. Following large scale peaceful demonstrations in Serui district, Indonesian security forces have launched a crackdown involving sweep operations. The shooting of a civilian aircraft as it landed at an airport in the Puncak Jaya area caused civilian casualties and has prompted unproven charges by authorities that the perpetrators were the Papuan armed resistance organization, the OPM. Papuan leaders have called on the government to conduct a transparent investigation and to engage with local civil and government organizations to put an end to ongoing tensions and conflict in the Puncak Jaya region. They note that security force resort to force in dealing with incidents harms innocent local civilians who are often driven from their homes. Despite its obligations under Indonesian and International law, the Indonesian government is refusing to fund urgently needed medical treatment for Papuan political prisoner Filep Karma. Two new reports reveal extensive "land grabbing" by corporations, backed by the Indonesian government, at the Merauke Integrated Food and Energy Estate (MIFEE) project in southern West Papua. Indonesia faces a quadrennial review of its human rights performance by the UN Human Rights Commission. WPAT member Dr. Eben Kirksey has authored a new book on West Papua.

KNPB says: We never seek justice from Indonesia (4 May 2012)
West Papua Media Alerts - Bintang Papua: Following the death of a sympathiser of the KNPB, the deputy chairman of the organisaation Mako Tabuni said that such a thing is part of the risk of the KNPB’s struggle for a referendum. ‘ We do not regard such things as a violation of human rights but as part of the risk of our struggle,’ he said.

Violence reinforces Papua’s independence aspirations, say church leaders (3 May 2012)
West Papua Media Alert, Bintang Papua - Jayapura: A number of acts of violence have occurred in Papua, but none of these incidents have been investigated. which creates the impression that the Indonesian government it simply not interested, while these incidents have only intensified the independence aspirations of the Papua people.’Violent incidents have occurred and Papuans continue to be killed but nothing is being done to bring those responsible to justice. This shows that these acts of violence must have been committed by the State and are quite systematic, according to the Rev Benny Giay, chairman of Synod the Kingmi Church in Papua.

Journalists and foreign NGOs banned from visiting Papua (22 Apr 2012)
West Papua Media Alerts - During the course of 2010 – 2011, the Indonesian Government has restricted the number of foreign journalists who are given access to enter Papua and report on the situation there. As well as journalists, a number of foreign NGOs have been prevented from functioning in West Papua.