Komnas HAM Warns of Another Grim Year for Human Rights in Papua (5 Jan 2012)
by Jakarta Globe - Komnas Ham warned that the very high number of human rights violations in Papua last year would continue in 2012.

The Land of Papua: a continuing struggle for land and livelihoods (4 Jan 2012)
DTE Special Edition Newsletter, No. 89-90, November 2011 - This special edition of the DTE newsletter focuses on some of the past and present campaigns and debates around top-down development in Papua and the impact on communities. The articles include welcome contributions from guest writers from Papua, Indonesia and the UK.They all point to the urgent need for a rethink in the way Papua and its resources are managed so that the voice of Papuans in the villages - not just the business and political elites - are central in decisions for a sustainable future.

Human Rights Council: The Human Rights Situation in Papua (4 Jan 2012)
Universal Periodic Review (UPR) of the Republic of Indonesia 13th Session (May – June 2012): Joint Stakeholders’ Submission on: The Human Rights Situation in Papua, Submitted by:Franciscans International (FI) (NGO in Consultative Status with ECOSOC), Faith Based Network on West Papua (FBN) and Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC), Geneva, November 2011

It’s time for Jakarta-Papua dialogue, says MRP deputy chair (3 Jan 2012)
Bintang Papua - Jayapura: ‘The new year, 2012 must be a year in which dialogue between Papua and Jakarta takes place,’ said Hofni Simbiak, deputy chair of the MRP, during a discussion about development, the human rights situation and civil society in Papua.’As a response to the current political and ECOSOCsituation in Papua, all sections of the people in Papua agree that 2012 should be the year in which dialogue between Jakarta and Papua should take place. This is an emergency and there should be a response from the central and regional governments,’ said Septer Manufandu. He said that if the government fails to respond to people’s calls for dialogue, this will damage the reputation of the government in the eyes of the people.

Strike at Freeport settled, even as mine’s scars linger (17 Dec 2011)
West Papua Media Alerts - This week the union and the U.S.-based mining corporation Freeport-McMoRan announced a settlement to a three-month long strike at its Grasberg mine in West Papua. Workers are expected to be back at work within days. Although the strike has been settled, Freeport and its activities remain controversial in West Papua and Indonesia.