INDONESIA: Medical workers criminally charged for protests over their income (30 Aug 2011)
The Jayapura regional police in West Papua have charged eight medical workers with incitement and objectionable acts following their peaceful protest against regulation 141/2010 by the provincial governor. The regulation deprives the Jayapura hospital's medical workers of certain payments. An earlier request to meet and discuss the situation was ignored by the governor. Moreover, the medical workers were reported to the Jayapura regional police for violating criminal law with their protest. The AHRC sees the fabrication of these charges as a violation of the workers freedom of expression. Peaceful protesters have frequently been criminally charged for incitement or disobedience in West Papua and other parts of Indonesia.

Amnesty Demands Release Of Papuan Jailed for Protest (25 Aug 2011)
Human rights group Amnesty International called on Thursday for the immediate release of a pro-independence activist imprisoned in West Papua for raising a banned flag in a peaceful demonstration last year.

Papuan Conflict Will Get Worse Without Development Unit: ICG (22 Aug 2011)
The government must quickly set up a long-awaited body to oversee political and economic development in the restive province of Papua if it is to stem a rising tide of violence there, analysts said on Monday.

Amnesty International - Authorities refuse Prisoner medical care (19 Aug 2011)
Amnesty International - Papuan political prisoner Kimanus Wenda is in urgent need of medical treatment. He has a tumour in his stomach, and needs to be transferred to a hospital to undergo an operation. Prison authorities have refused to pay for his transport and medical costs.

Indonesia: Military Documents reveal unlawful spying in Papua (14 Aug 2011)
Human Rights Watch - Internal military documents that recently came to light expose the Indonesian military’s surveillance of peaceful activists, politicians, and clergy in the easternmost province of Papua, Human Rights Watch said today. Human Rights Watch urged the Indonesian government to order the military to cease the unlawful monitoring immediately, and to ensure that civilian authorities retain responsibility for basic law enforcement.