Tribunal accused of ignoring human rights violations (14 Jan 2011)
The Jakarta Post - A military tribunal investigating three soldiers alleged to have assaulted civilians in an incident caught on video has been criticized of glossing over the real abuses. “The defendants are being indicted for disobeying a superior’s command, while the torture they committed is left unaddressed,” Papua Human Rights Commission deputy chairman Mathius Murib said Thursday.

US: Indonesia Should Honor Military Reform Promise (14 Jan 2011)
Jakarta Globe - The United States is urging Indonesia to honor its commitment to investigate and prosecute human rights abuses by its troops. According to media reports, three Indonesian soldiers accused of torturing two men from the restive eastern region of Papua are facing relatively minor charges of disobeying orders. The trial began Thursday.

US monitoring Indonesian military abuse trial (14 Jan 2011)
Straits Times - The United States is closely monitoring the trial of three Indonesian soldiers accused of torturing two Papuans, State Department spokesman Philip Crowley said on Thursday. 'It's vitally important for Indonesia to reform its security forces and hold those forces to high standards, in terms of individual conduct and human rights,' Mr Crowley said. 'We will be closely monitoring these cases.' The soldiers appeared on Thursday before a military tribunal, after the online broadcast of a video showing the torture of civilians. They were charged only with disobeying orders.

Military Court Tries Soldiers Accused of Papua Torture (14 Jan 2011)
Jakarta Globe - Three soldiers faced a military court here on Thursday over the torture of two Papuan men that was captured on video and circulated on the Internet, prompting an international furor late last year.

Soldiers stand trial over Papua abuse (14 Jan 2011)
Sydney Morning Herald - Three Indonesian soldiers who videoed a Papuan man's agony as they repeatedly poked a fiery stick at his genitals and held a gun to his head have been charged with ignoring their commander's instructions. Human rights activists say the video is clear evidence of human rights abuse and that the three soldiers from Battalion 753 should face Indonesia's Human Rights Tribunal. But instead the soldiers are standing trial in a military court where they have been merely charged with failing to follow orders.