The Thinker: Pending in Papua (13 Jan 2011)
Jakarta Globe - It’s been almost 10 years since the 2001 Law on Special Autonomy in Papua came into being. The law was introduced to solve the numerous problems, especially issues of social inequality, between Papua and other regions in Indonesia. The Special Autonomy Law was the greatest delegation of power the Indonesian government would allow itself to give to the indigenous people of Papua. As such, the law was expected to provide more opportunities to and expand the participation of the indigenous people of Papua in all areas of development. However, many Papuans believe autonomy has failed.

Three Indonesia soldiers on trial over torture (13 Jan 2011)
AFP - Three Indonesian soldiers appeared before a military tribunal on Thursday charged with disobeying orders over the brutal videoed torture of two Papuans. The footage, posted last year on YouTube, shows soldiers applying a burning stick to the genitals of an unarmed man and threatening another with a knife as they interrogate them about the location of a weapons cache.

Remote areas, borderlands are priority in 2011: Minister (11 Jan 2011)
The Jakarta Post - The Indonesian government will pay more attention to the development of health services for people living in remote areas, borderlands and the country’s islands in 2011, due to the fact that they face more complex health issues than people living in cities, a minister said.

Church leaders ask for a halt in the MRP election process (11 Jan 2011)
The Jakarta Post - Church leaders across Papua have asked the government to stop the election process of Papua People’s Council (MRP) members until a national dialog between Jakarta and Papua is held as demanded by Papuans during a rally in June last year. The rally, held on June 18, 2010, demanded the region’s special autonomy be restored. “We urge the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Papua and West Papua governors, speakers of Papua and West Papua legislative councils to stop the whole process of the MRP election,” said Jemima Krey, chairman of the Papuan Injili Christian Church’s (GKI) Synod in Jayapura, on Monday.

Komnas HAM’s Papua probe just a formality, council says (10 Jan 2011)
The Jakarta Post - The Papua Customary Council (PCC) blasted the National Commission for Human Rights (Komnas HAM) probe into a string of cases of torture in the restive province, calling it a mere “bluff and formality”. Council member Markus Haluk said Sunday the Komnas HAM investigation failed to provide solutions for ending recurrent cases of human rights abuse in Papua.