Release Papuan prisoners: HRW (13 Dec 2010)
The Jakarta Post & Human Rights Watch - The Indonesian authorities must immediately allow two Papuan political prisoners to meet with attorneys and to challenge their transfer from prison to police custody, according to the Human Rights Watch (HRW). The prisoners, Filep Karma, 51, and Buchtar Tabuni, 31, have been held at the Jayapura Police station in West Papua, after a riot erupted at Abepura prison on Dec. 3.

Papuan ‘Political Prisoners’ on Hunger Strike After Denied Access to Lawyers (12 Dec 2010)
Jakarta Globe - New York-based Human Rights Watch has demanded an explanation for the transfer of two Papuan “political prisoners” from Jayapura’s notorious Abepura Prison to local police headquarter, saying the men should be able to contest the arrest and see their families.

Violators in remote areas gain impunity: Commission (11 Dec 2010)
The Jakarta Post - Law enforcers and military officers in regions, especially in remote areas, gain impunity for their human rights abuse due to lack of media and public exposure, a national organization and rights activists say. The National Commission for Human Rights (Komnas HAM) marked International Human Rights Day on Friday by releasing a year-end report that highlighted rampant torture and killing by military and police officers.

Dignified Dialogue Is Key To Solving the Papua Conflict (10 Dec 2010)
Jakarta Globe - One of the main duties of the president and vice president of Indonesia is to maintain the integrity of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia. In confronting this task, it should be noted that internal threats usually have a bigger impact than external ones. And sometimes, the threats from outside the country become even more visible when the country itself allows conflict to grow within its own borders. Papua is one of the regions that has represented a serious threat to the integrity of the Indonesian state ever since the region was integrated into the country in 1969 through a referendum.

Police, military main human rights violators: Commission (10 Dec 2010)
The Jakarta Post - The human rights body has called on local administration chiefs to act as human rights vanguards to protect citizens from police and military officers who continue to abuse their power. The lack of commitment from local leaders to uphold citizens’ rights has contributed to the continued use of violence by officers against citizens, National Commission for Human Rights (Komnas HAM) chair Ifdhal Kasim said.