Indonesia: “Christianisation” and Intolerance (24 Nov 2010)
International Crisis Group - Religious tolerance in Indonesia has come under increasing strain in recent years, particularly where hardline Islamists and Christian evangelicals compete for the same ground. Islamists use “Christianisation” – a term that generally refers both to Christian efforts to convert Muslims and the alleged growing influence of Christianity in Muslim-majority Indonesia – as a justification for mass mobilisation and vigilante attacks. The tensions brought about by these clashing fundamentalisms are nowhere clearer than in Bekasi, a suburb of Jakarta, where a series of disputes since 2008 over church construction, alleged mass conversion efforts and affronts to Islam have led in some cases to violence. The Indonesian government needs a strategy to address growing religious intolerance, because without one, mob rule prevails. Local officials address each incident only when it gets out of hand and usually by capitulating to whoever makes the most noise. Every time this happens, the victors are emboldened to raise the stakes for the next confrontation.

Papua Living Costs Said to Be Key Development Issue (23 Nov 2010)
Jakarta Globe - Bringing down the high cost of living in Papua, which is paradoxically the country’s least-developed province, is a key factor in boosting development there, the government says.

SBY opens five state universities in border areas (23 Nov 2010)
The Jakarta Post - President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono inaugurated five state higher educational institutions in several border areas on Monday. The launch was held at the auditorium of the Cenderawasih University in Jayapura, Papua. “We are opening these five state institutions to improve the country’s education,” said Yudhoyono, who also opened the national meeting of Student Executive Boards from universities across the nation.

Activists say Papua torture inaction 'embarrassing' for Australian PM (22 Nov 2010)
ABC - Human rights activists say it is a farce that no serious investigation will be undertaken into the events surrounding a video that showed Papuan detainees being tortured by Indonesian troops.

Papuan Prisoner Joins Elite Company (22 Nov 2010)
Jakarta Globe & Freedom Now - A prominent international human rights group has agreed to advocate for the release of Filep Samuel Karma, a Papuan political prisoner who was jailed in 2005 for raising the banned Morning Star flag.