An Open Letter to President Obama from the Asian Human Rights Commission (9 Nov 2010)
Asian Human Rights Commission - Serious human rights abuses in Papua, Indonesia need your attention. Mr. President, the AHRC urges you to raise these issues during your brief but important visit to Indonesia, as intervention at this point could have a significant impact on the improvements of the enjoyment of rights, while the failure to highlight these issues will contribute further to the entrenchment of impunity.

Protesters arrested after Obama-related demo (9 Nov 2010)
The Jakarta Post - JAYAPURA: Three activists were arrested for staging a demonstration demanding to meet visiting US President Barrack Obama to convey their aspirations.

We acted out of fury, Papua torture suspects say (9 Nov 2010)
The Jakarta Post - Three Indonesian Military (TNI) soldiers on trial for allegedly torturing Papuan civilians have testified they kicked and beat captives out of anger.

Balancing act for Obama on Indonesia security ties (9 Nov 2010)
Reuters - The United States and Indonesia have plenty of common security interests, but U.S. President Barack Obama faces a difficult stumbling block when discussing closer military ties during his visit this week -- human rights.

Indonesian Rights Issues Unlikely to Upset Military Ties: Analysts (9 Nov 2010)
Jakarta Globe - US President Barack Obama’s administration is likely to continue providing support to Indonesia’s Armed Forces despite growing concerns over alleged human rights abuses, analysts say.