Red herring trial draws criticisms (6 Nov 2010)
The Jakarta Post - Activists condemned the military’s decision to hold a tribunal in Jayapura on Friday over an alleged torture video, calling it “misleading” and “a farce” to distract the public from the heart of the matter.

Papuan tells of torture by Indonesian soldiers (5 Nov 2010)
Sydney Morning Herald - A Papuan man depicted in a video being burnt, suffocated and hit by Indonesian troops says he was tortured for two days, according to his testimony recorded and translated by Papuan activists.

Video Reveals New Evidence of Torture by Indonesia Military (5 Nov 2010)
Voice of America - A new video of a torture victim's testimony adds to allegations of abuse by Indonesian troops in the restive region of Papua. Human rights activists say that President Obama, who visits next week, should press Indonesia to crack down on rights abuses.

BBC News report from Jayapura (4 Nov 2010)
BBC - The BBC has been granted rare access to West Papua by the Indonesian Government. However, it will come of no suprise that the highly controlled visit was only to Jayapura, and an aide from Jakarta accompanied the BBC crew at all times.

Cop killers - Indonesia’s police are brutal and corrupt—and apparently untouchable (4 Nov 2010)
The Economist - Ten years ago, as Indonesia emerged from economic chaos and the military-backed Suharto regime, the government was everywhere planting seeds of democratic reform. Among them was to split the national police from the armed forces in 2000. Ever since Indonesia declared independence in 1945, the police had been the neglected, ill-equipped little brother of the army. The idea of detaching them was to make them solely responsible for law enforcement across the vast Indonesian archipelago, while the armed forces retreated to their barracks.