Obama accused of funding Indonesian torture of Papuans (4 Nov 2010)
Ekklesia - The week before he visits Indonesia, US President Barack Obama has been urged to end military assistance to the country’s government. The comments were made by the human rights organisation Survival International. They are one of a number of organisations to accuse the Indonesian regime of killing and torturing people in West Papua, where an independence movement is being brutally suppressed.

Open Letter to President Obama on The Eve of His Visit to Indonesia (4 Nov 2010)
West Papua Advocacy Team - Dear President Obama, [...] Critical to Indonesia's democratization is the expansion of respect for human rights. However, respect for human rights - and democratic progress more generally - continue to face threats from security forces that continue to evade full civilian control and remain largely unaccountable before Indonesia's flawed judicial system.

Obama: Stop funding Indonesian torture of Papuans (4 Nov 2010)
Survival - Survival is asking President Obama, who is due to visit Indonesia next week, to suspend US military assistance to Jakarta until its forces stop killing and torturing the people of West Papua.

Ending the human rights abuse in Papua (4 Nov 2010)
The Jakarta Post - [...] With the presence of thousands of troops in Papua, it is more likely the rights abuses will happen. The very image of the Indonesian state and security forces will be destroyed again by rights abuses committed by these security forces.

Tribal leaders warn against installing new Fakfak regent (4 Nov 2010)
The Jakarta Post - Tribal leaders in Fakfak regency, West Papua, have warned the government against installing the recently elected regent and deputy regent until the investigation into alleged electoral fraud is complete.