Activists are detained by the police for reporting deaths due to lack of medical treatment in Tambrauw, Papua (17 Apr 2013)
AHRC - The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received information regarding the detention of two activists by the Sausapor Sub-District Police in Papua. The activists were taken from their house to the police station and were being interrogated in relation to an investigation they conducted regarding the death of villagers in Tambrauw Regency due to the lack of medical treatment. It was reported that the two activists as well as others who were engaged in the investigation were previously followed by police officers.

Six Timika Region KNPB Activists Sentenced to 1 Year Jail (16 Apr 2013) - Council of State Court Judges Timika, Papua, this afternoon, Tuesday (16/04/2013) sentenced 1 year in prison for six activists West Papua National Committee (KNPB) Timika region, who was arrested on October 24, 2013 ago.

Gunmen Shoot at Passing Military Convoy in Papua (9 Apr 2013)
Jakarta Globe - Unidentified gunmen opened fire on a passing military convoy in Timika, Papua, on Monday. There were no casualties. The ambush took place shortly before noon on Monday as four vehicles carrying five soldiers each motored past Tanggul Timur Road, in Timika, the Indonesian newspaper Kompas reported.

Killing Papuan Fighter will not solve the problem, says Indonesian MP (8 Apr 2013)
Tabloid JUBI - A Papuan member of the Indonesian Parliament, Diaz Gwijannge said that he cannot agree with the decision to place the OPM leader, Goliath Tabuni on the WANTED list. Killing Papuan leaders can never solve the problem, he said.'I cannot agree with the decision to place Goliath Tabuni on the wanted list so that he can be killed because this will not solve the problem.'

Quid pro quo: Goliath Tabuni allegedly threatens to shoot police chief after police place Tabuni on wanted list (7 Apr 2013)
Bintang Papua - In response to the announcement by the police that they have placed Goliath Tabuni on the WANTED list, Goliath Tabuni told Bintang Papua last Saturday that he had laughed at the announcement, and said it was very strange bearing in mind that he has been waging a struggle already for several decades, so how come he has only now been put on the WANTED list.