Fresh Talks Due Between Papua Clans And Freeport Miner (27 Oct 2010)
Radio New Zealand International - Indonesia’s National Human Rights Commission has rescheduled for today a meeting between four Papuan clans and copper-and-gold company, Freeport. Mediation talks were to be held last week but Freeport failed to send delegates and sent the convenors a letter.

Australia: Press Indonesian Security Forces on Accountability (27 Oct 2010)
Human Rights Watch - "Re: Australian Assistance to Indonesian Security Forces. Dear Prime Minister Gillard, Congratulations on your recent election as Australia's Prime Minister. We write to you regarding Australian assistance to the Indonesian security forces as we understand you are travelling to Indonesia on November 1 [...]".

Ignoring crimes will entrench Papuan opposition (26 Oct 2010)
Sydney Morning Herald - Jakarta needs to take the Papua issue more seriously and move away from a narrow-minded separatist mind-frame. While President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has guaranteed a review of Papuan Special Autonomy at the end of the year, immediate dialogue with representatives of Papuan political and social institutions would go a long way to enabling Jakarta to understand the local situation outside of an economic or security model.

Just open it (25 Oct 2010)
Jakarta Post - By widely opening the door to openness, Indonesia will not only be free from international condemnation and isolation, but will also be able to effectively prevent suspicion and widespread speculation among the general public. Unless cases such as the alleged Papuan torture video are immediately and honestly managed, people will turn to uncontrollable underground and social networking channels such as YouTube. The government’s immediate response to these latest torture allegations deserves praise and should become a must-do habit in the future.

Motion for a European Parliament resolution on torture of members of indigenous communities in West Papua (25 Oct 2010)
Euopean Parliament - The following motion has been put forward for debate in the European Parliament relating to the torture of West Papuan civilians. MOTION FOR A RESOLUTION: pursuant to Rule 120 of the Rules of Procedure. On torture of members of indigenous communities in West Papua. By MEP: Oreste Rossi