TNI promises to investigate torture video (20 Oct 2010)
The Jakarta Post - The Indonesian Military (TNI) has promised that, pending the results of an investigation, it will punish men wearing military fatigues caught on tape torturing Papuans. The Asian Human Rights Commission recently posted a five-minute video depicting Papuans undergoing violent interrogation in relation to a weapons cache, at the hands of several men dressed in green camouflage military shirts.

Brutality in Papua will continue, expert warns (20 Oct 2010)
The Sydney Morning Herald - The torture of a Papuan man by Indonesian security forces, depicted in a video that emerged this week, is not surprising and is likely to be repeated, according to the man who led a landmark study into the unrest in Papua for the Indonesian government.

Report says police destroyed a village in Papua (20 Oct 2010)
The Jakarta Post - A local report claims that police have destroyed Bigiragi village, Puncak Jaya regency, Papua. It said Tuesday that police burned almost 30 homes on Oct. 11, leaving nothing to the homeowners.

Police Unit in Papua Accused of Burning Down Village (20 Oct 2010)
Jakarta Globe - Amid an international outcry over alleged human rights abuses in Papua by security forces, two villagers in the province have come forward with a harrowing tale of the destruction of their homes at the hands of police officers.

Torture video reveals "Indonesia's Abu Ghraib" on eve of Obama visit (19 Oct 2010)
WPAT - A new video shows the torture of helpless men in the Indonesian-ruled territory of West Papua. Monitoring groups are already describing the footage as "Indonesia's Abu Ghraib." The video reveals indisputably Indonesian security force brutality, and raises serious questions about the Obama administration's decision to embrace cooperation with Indonesian security forces engaged in active and ongoing torture.