Thorough look into Papua autonomy (19 Oct 2010)
The Jakarta Post - After nine years of waiting, the central government has finally decided to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the implementation of the Law on Special Autonomy for Papua. The evaluation is scheduled for next year.

Council demands independent probe into shooting incident (19 Oct 2010)
The Jakarta Post - The Papua Customary Council (DAP) has called for an independent team to investigate the most recent fatal shooting incident in Wamena. The call was put forth by DAP speaker Forkorus Yoboisembut during a rally at the Papua Legislative Council (DPRP) building on Monday. Forkorus lamented the many violent incidents in the region, which he said frequently ended in civilian deaths that were rarely followed up with thorough investigations.

Anti-terrorism role for Indonesian army (19 Oct 2010)
The Australian & AFP - Indonesia's military will be "activated" to support police fighting terrorism, says the chief of the government's new National Counter-Terrorism Agency. "The military will assist when situations are beyond police capacity," Ansyaad Mbai said yesterday, confirming an important shift from the post-1999 policy of removing the army from direct involvement in fighting terrorism.

Calls for Probe Into Indonesian ‘Military Torture’ Video (19 Oct 2010)
Jakarta Globe - A volley of international criticism was unleashed at Indonesia on Monday over a video circulating on the Internet that apparently depicts two Papuans being interrogated and tortured by Indonesian soldiers.

'Torture video' in different US newspapers (19 Oct 2010)
New York Times; Washington Post; LA Times; Chicago Tribune - Indonesian security forces have been captured on video torturing an alleged separatist in Papua province, burning his genitals as he screams out in agony and then threatening to shoot him in the mouth, human rights activists said Monday.