Rajawali Looks to Sweeten Prospects by Planting Roots in Papua Food Estate (18 Oct 2010)
Jakarta Globe - The Rajawali Corporation is in the final stages of securing government approval to seal a deal valued at over $300 million for a sugarcane operation that will help transform Papua’s Merauke into the nation’s breadbasket.

Rights group says video shows Indonesia torture (18 Oct 2010)
Reuters - A Hong Kong-based rights group released on Monday a video allegedly showing Indonesian soldiers torturing indigenous Papuans -- including burning the genitals of one man.

IMPARSIAL: Komnas HAM should be criticised (18 Oct 2010)
JUBI - Imparsial issued a statement in Jakarta in which it said that Komnas HAM, the National Human Rights Commission, needs to be criticised in connection with a number of cases of gross violations of human rights that have occurred in Papua.

VIDEO Report from Al Jazeera: West Papuan farmer being tortured, allegedly by government forces (18 Oct 2010)
Al Jazeera - A shocking new video which shows Tunaliwor Kiwo, a West Papuan farmer being tortured, allegedly by government forces, suggests that Indonesia's dark past continues to live on in some parts of the country.

Video of the military torturing indigenous Papuans surfaced (17 Oct 2010)
Asian Human Rights Commission - The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received video footage from sources in West Papua, who must remain anonymous for security reasons, showing the torture of indigenous Papuans by the Indonesian military (TNI).