Booklet: Geneva Appeal on West Papua

Papuans are not allowed to uphold their identity in their own country. The Indonesian military is omnipresent, aiming for their own economic gain and supressing any protest violently. Since 2002, the religious leaders of Papua work together in the program 'Papua, Land of Peace'. CMC, Cordaid, and Justitia et Pax established the Faith-Based Network on West Papua as a support group for this program.

The network issued a brochure with the Geneva Appeal in six languages (English, Indonesian, French, German, Spanish and Dutch). It narrates the history of the Papuan people in short and offers concrete proposals to the UN, the EU, and to churches and enterprises to ameliorate the position of the Papuans. You can order the brochure for free at the secretariat of Justitia et Pax. We will only charge you for postage.