Safety Troops and Civilians killed in an Attack on Posts in West Papua

On April 7, 2007thirty men, armed with Kalashnikovs, spears and bows, assaulted an Indonesian military post on the border to Papua New Guinea. In the bloody incident 2 safety guards and 2 civilians lost their lives. The police accuses the TPN/OPM, the Free Papua Movement that since the 1960s violently fights for an independent West Papua, of the murder.

On March 16, 2006, 5 Indonesian safety troops were already killed during a demonstration in Abepura against Freeport, an American mining corporation that works in Timika. The Indonesian safety troops reacted furiously by killing, driving away and torturing Papuan civilians.

On December 8 'separatists' allegedly murdered a non-commissioned officer of special unit Kopassus and a retired military close to Mulia, the district capital of Puncak Jaya.

Violent actions of the TPN/OPM serve as justification of the continual growing military presence in West Papua.

Source: West Papua Netzwerk Newsletter No. 189 from April 30, 2007