Abepura Bloody incident commemorated

Abepura Bloody incident commemorated

Cenderawasih Pos
Translation by Tapol

Dozens of people affiliated to Solidarity for Victims of Human Rights Violations gathered on Sunday, 7 December to commemorate the eighth anniversary of the Bloody Incident in Abepura on 7 December 2000.

The event took place in Abepura and lasted over two hours. Eight people delivered speeches and held aloft beacons. All the speakers expressed regret that there had been no justice for the victims of the incident.

Peneas Lokbere, the organiser of the event, pointed out that the judges at the court in Makassar at a hearing in September 2005, ignored a number of substantial issues in order to be able to avoid upholding justice and paid no attention to the rights of the victims to justice.

The meeting adopted a joint statement which drew attention to four

points: 1) to call on the DPRP and the Governor to issue perdasus (special regional regulations) on the right to reparations and protection for victims of human rights violations in the Land of Papua.

2) to set up a human rights court in Papuan. 3) to call on the Central Government to grant full authority to the National Human Rights Commission in Papua, and 4) to urge the DPRP and the MRP to press for an official evaluation of security policy in Papua, to reject the presence of organic and non-organic troops in Papua and conduct a rationalisation of the number of TNI and police forces in Papua.