Accquittal of Muchdi PR by the Supreme Court

Press Release KASUM on the Accquittal of Muchdi PR by the Supreme Court

KASUM regrets the Supreme Court decision to accquit Muchdi PR in the case of planned assassination towards Munir. The release of Muchdi PR indicates that the law institution is powerless upon bringing down Justice. In its verdict, the Supreme Court stated that the final appeal process requested by the Attorney General as a NO, means the final appeal was not accepted.

Even though we haven't rigidly examine the Supreme court’s argumentation, we see if the Supreme Court had ignored justice principle by not putting into consideration the substance material over the procedural matters, that is still potentially multi-interpretation. By doing so the Supreme Court had ignored public interest.

After Muchdi PR accquitted, there will be a justice system chaos because there are other legal process, especially Supreme Courts verdict on Pollycarpus case review, leads to Muchdi PR role as an intelectual actor. So far there are three person found guilty in Munir’s assasination case: Pollycarpus – Garuda Pilot, Indra Setiawan – former Garuda Director, and Rohainil Aini –Chief Secretary Pilot. But three of them were hard to believed as the intelectual actors in Munir’s assasination case. With Muchdi PR free, than further investigation of other parties in Munir’s assasination case will face a great obstacle.

Despite of that we see there are legal opportunities for solving this case, but predetermined with great efforts from the law enforcer and high rank executive decision makers of the country. We see the Attorney General can use the review path accompanied by strong investigation evidence from the police. We also urge the president to order institution below him, especially BIN, to bring down their officials involved to the investigation and inquiry process at the court. Their absence in the first phase trial process was a major obstacle in bringing the case to an end.

This case has been the barometer of law and Human Rights enforcement in Indonesia. Legal reform success claim is deniable due to the Indonesian Legal system failure in prosecuting the main intelecual actor of Munir case.