Ambush and Arrest of KNPB in Timika, West Papua



Dear people in the world,

I'm writing this letter under the threat of ambush and arbitrary arrests by Indonesian Police and Detachment 88.

This down morning (19/10) at 5.00 A.M (local time), 5 members of KNPB, including KNPB chairman of Timikia Region, Steven Itlay and the vice chairman of West Papua National Parliament in Timika, Romario Yatipai already beeng arrested by Dethacement 88 and Police without any clear reason. They were ambushed while sleeping and treated like terrorists.

This crackdown is happening while KNPB is preparing peaceful demo to express the right of self determination and to support the meeting of International Parliamentarians for West Papua [IPWP] at Parliament House London on next October 23 this week.

Please be announce that my people of West Papua is under the threat of terror due to the maintaining the struggle of independence. We need international pressure on the emergency situation in West Papua. We need international media to monitor all the Indonesian propagandas to eliminate struggle movement with the terrorist issue -as i said that KNPB is now under my leadership never had any plan or program to make acts of terror with bomb as Indonesia is now use that issue to degradate our peaceful struggle.

Thank you

Sincerely yours,

Victor Yeimo
Chairman of KNPB