BBC News report from Jayapura

BBC News report from Jayapura

BBC, 4 November 2010


The BBC has been granted rare access to West Papua by the Indonesian Government. However, it will come of no suprise that the highly controlled visit was only to Jayapura, and an aide from Jakarta accompanied the BBC crew at all times.

A 7 minute report was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 earlier today, and a further report will go out on BBC News (time tbc). In today's radio report, the presenter Rachel Harvey talks about the clear resentment felt by Papuans towards Indonesia. She also talks of the high military build up, and seeing a convoy of at least 15 army and police trucks at one point.

The presenter visited a meeting of Papuans being held in a Catholic Church, attended by Yusak Pakage. Listeners were informed that the BBC managed to persuade the Indonesian government aide to wait outside while they went in.

Click here to listen to the report via the BBC. The West Papua feature starts from 11 minutes in.