Celebrating Indigenous Peoples Day in West Papua, a pregnant women was arrested by Police

Tabloid Jubi - Peaceful demonstration organized by the West Papua National Authority of Serui in Indigenous Peoples Day celebrations going on since 09.00 am (9/10), although the police did not give permission for the implementation of the demo. Some human rights activists in Serui to tabloidjubi.com mention that they have sent a letter to the Police Office in Serui, but police did not give permission.

Informations gathered by tabloidjubi.com, demonstrators came from the Mantembu village to the Center of Serui City. They bring 3 pieces of banners with the words INDIGENOUS PEOPLE'S RIGHTS and DEMOCRACY ON THE LAND of PAPUA have deprived. The mass also criticized the sweeping by police that while still hapen in the Mantembu village. Thus, some peoples in Mantembu village went to forest for fear. Until now many police officers were still in the Mantembu village. Peoples do not feel safe and can not perform daily activities.


A peacefull demonstration to celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day in Manokwari (westpapuamedia.info)

However, access into the city of Serui has been blocked by the combined police and military officers, led by AKBP. Roki Hari Langi S.IP, the Chief of Yapen Islands Police Office. A report from JPIC GKI Synod, mentions security forces blocking the masses with 16 times warning shot into the crowd. The mass in fear and run away. Police told the mass that they have no permits for the demonstration.

Police have arrested several people. Yosina Abon Pankurei, wife of David Abon (Governor of Transitional Federal Republic of West Papua, Territory Saireri) was arrested with Ratna Semboari in Matembu village. Yosina was in seven months pregnant but police still arrested and bring her to be interrogated. Police also arrested Edison Kendi, Sopia Kayani, Hendrikus Warmetan, Ruben Bonai, Piet Maniambo Yan, Matthew J Pedai, Bram Wainarisi, Daniel Kandipi and Beni Yobi. Kayani, Waremtan, Maniambo and Wainarisi have released by police.

Until this news was released, police has not yet confirm the dissolution of the demonstration. (Jubi/Eveert Joumilena/Victor Mambor)