Cepos: TNI to strengthen positions in troublesome parts of Papua

Cepos: TNI to strengthen positions in troublesome parts of Papua

Cenderawasih Pos
translation by Tapol

According to an announcement from the headquarters of the TNI (Indonesian Armed Forces) in Jakarta, the army is strengthening security posts in Papua, especially in trouble spots (rawan) such as Tingginambut in Puncak Jaya, in order to increase the level of readiness, bearing in mind, according to the army, that the OPM is still involved in guerilla activities. The head of the army's public relations, Brig,General Christian Zebua, said this would be done by deploying extra forces from the Trikora military command, not by bringing in more troops from outside.

This was in anticipation of the possibility of more attacks by the OPM, especially those led by Goliath Tabuni. He said that there had been a number of disturbances, including shootings, in Tingginambut on several occasions. He said that the army had been hunting down people but hadn't yet caught anyone.

He said the army would work closely with the police to find the perpetrators while strengthening deployments not only in Puncak Jaya but in other trouble spots in Papua.

During one exchange of fire, a soldier from Korem 754 had been killed. 'We are also pursuing territorial intellegence operations to involve local community leaders, he said.

He said that were two factions, one that was set up by Aser Demotekay in 1963 in Jayapura which is ready to enter into dialogue with Indonesia and is unarmed. The other, set up in 1964 is led by Terianus Aronggear, and has been opposing the Indonesian government both politically and physically. According to him, this is the group that later became known as the OPM.