Clinton's empty words

Clinton's empty words, 6 October 2010


US Secretary of State Hillary ClintonHillary Clinton has expressed sympathy and condolences over the destruction and loss of life caused by landslides in West Papua; but not the suspension of human rights in West Papua since 1962 at the request of the United States.

The Department of State published Hillary Clinton's statement on Wednesday October 6, 2001 via the government website West Papua was claimed as a colony by the Netherlands in 1895 but the United States in 1962 "pressed the Netherlands to" sign the New York Agreement trading the people of West Papua without their consent to Indonesian rule (1). Mining rights for their gold and copper were sold to the Freeport corporation in 1967, and since 1969 the Department of State has taken advantage of mistaken news media claims in 1969 that the United Nations had conducted and endorsed an act of self-determination.

The US Secretary of State blithely disregards Papuan mass rallies since 1962 asking for the resumption of the self-determination process promised in UN General Assembly resolution 1514.