Communal clash in Papua kills four

Communal clash in Papua kills four
, 13 July 2010 

At least four people have been killed in a communal clash in Muara village in the Papua regency of Tolikara, which started on Saturday.

Local military commander Col. Daniel Ambalat said on Tuesday three people had been evacuated to the Jayapura hospital due to their severe wounds, but doctors could not save the lives of two of them

“The deaths triggered a retaliatory attack on Monday, which claimed two lives,” Daniel said in Jayapura.

He said the military was helping the police restore order in the outlying regency and prevent the fight from resuming.

Papua police spokesman Sr. Comr. Wachyono said the conflict was triggered by a dispute between a couple from two different clans. The wife, Betena Wandik, reported her husband, Alpius Wenda, to her extended family members for domestic violence against her.

Alpius was beaten by his wife’s relatives as he would like to pick her up at her parents’ house and take her home. The one-sided brawl sparked anger among Alpius’ relatives, who then sought a revenge for the assault.