Diarrhoea spreading in Biak Numfor

News from West Papua: Diarrhoea spreading in Biak Numfor


Biak: The number of people suffering from diarrhoea in the district of Biak Numfor has risen to 220 in 38 sub-districts and kampungs.

An official of the Health Service in Biak said that the majority of those afflicted are children between the ages of one and six years, altogether 86 children. The report also gave details of the number of people affected in higher age groups in a number of sub-districts.

As those affected were so widely dispersed, he said that it was necessary to conduct a medical investigation to determine the reasons for the spread of the disease.

Many of those affected are being treated in the Navy Hospital.

The official said that there was a plentiful supply of infusion needed for the treatment of diarrhoea, and was hopeful that the situation had reached its peak and would now begin to decline.

The medical authorities were waiting for the results of a 'space sample' investigation from a laboratory in Jayapura to discover the nature of the virus that has caused the disease to spread in Biak Numfor.