District Police Yapen spreads Fear and Terror

On 12 May 2012 at 01.30 am (East Indonesia Time) police forces under the command of the head of police district Yapen, AKBP Royke Handelangi, SH failed to abduct five human rights activists from Yapen, namely Yehuda Kandipi, Elihakim Karubaba, Piet Aninam, Silas Karubaba and Sopeba Woru at the village Kainui 2, Angkaisera district.

They used five cars and five trucks for the operation.


The police started the operation at the house of Mr. Yehuda Kandipi, which they immediately encircled.

Nevertheless Mr. Kandipi was able to flee to the jungle. As the police knocked on the door and realized that Mr. Kandipi was not inside the house, one of the police officers approached Mr. Kandipi 's 16 year old son, Simion Kandipi, and threatened him by pointing a gun on his head while asking: “Where is your father”.

Simion answered: “My father has not come home since a few days....!”
The police officer replied: “Tell your father not to engage in any further activities related to the independence of Papua. If he will continue to follow those activities, we will come back and abduct you and your father.”


After the police forces had threatened Simion Kandipi, they moved on to a the house of Mr. Eliakim Karubaba, encircled the house, kicked down one of the walls and entered the empty house.

Mr. Karubaba and his family were able to flee to the jungle before the police reached the house.

Then the police forces left the location, went to the house of Mr. Piet Aninam and encircled it.

At that time only Mr. Aninam 's wife and his children were at the house. The police officers became very angry that Mr. Aninam was also not at home and vent their anger on his wife.


After that they went to the house of Mr. Silas Karubaba, who was not at home at that day, too.

As it had happened before in Mr. Aninam 's house, the police became angry and said to Mr. Karubaba 's wife: “If Papua becomes independent, we will rape you – keep that in mind”.


After that the police forces went to the house of Mr. Sopeba Woru and started to terrorize him with the words “as a painter we suspect you to make all the flags here in the village”.


The operation had drawn the villagers' attention, who woke up and started to gather at Mr. Woru 's house. This caused the police forces to stop further harassments in order to avoid that many people could witness the police operation.


Befor the police forces left the village, they intimidated the villagers with the words “later we will come back and abduct all people who support the independence”.