Elsham reported: It's been 5 months 38 Papuan People Flee Into the Forest

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It's been 5 months 38 Papuan People Flee Into the Forest

Elsham, a Papuan human rights organization, reported 38 people Papuans who have more than 5 (five) months of leaving the house / their villages and fled to the forest. 8 (eight) of them are students.

"The results of the investigation and monitoring of Elsham Papua Keerom on Saturday (27/10) and Sunday (28/10), known to have 5 (five) months, 38 residents continued to move where, and is now settled in lodges around the hills , west of the city of Arso." said Elsham in Elsham News Service web site.

In Elsham reports, it says if people are displaced due to the fear that sweeps conducted by the joint army / police in the villages, with the pretext of searching for native papua involved as members of the TPN-OPM and the search for the shooter last July 1 to head Sawyatami village.

The names of Papuans who fled to the forest:

Name of refugees from villages Sawyatami:
Hironimus Yaboy (45)
Alea Kwambre (28)
Afra Kwambre (27)
Carles Yaboy (10)
Ardila Yaboy (8)
Desi Yaboy (4)
Lefira Yaboy (1)
Markus Kuyi (17)
Yustus Kuyi (16)
Timotius Kuyi (15)
Samuel Kuyi (13)

The names of the refugees from the village Workwana:
Lukas Minigir (68)
Rosalina Minigir (36)
Hanas Pikikir (21)
Naomi Giryapon (19)
Krisantus Pikikir (12)
Penina Pekikir (3)
Habel Minigir (33)
Agustina Minigir (21)
Adrianus Minigir (2)

The names of the refugees from the PIR III Bagia
Agustina Bagiasi (35)
Mikael Kimber (18)
Jhon Kimber (14)
Kristiani Kimber (11)
Serfina Kimber (8)
David Kimber (2)
Fabianus Kuyi (50)
Martha Tekam (38)
Marselina Kuyi (23)
Fitalius Kuyi (20)
Margaretha Ibe (19)
Jubelina Kuyi (19)
Kristianus Kuyi (17)
Frins Alfons Kuyi (15)
Emilianus Kuyi (11)
Maria Yuliana Kuyi (8)
Moses Hubertus Kuyi (5)
Rati Kimber (1)

Of the total displaced people, there are 8 children status as a student, that is:
Yubelina Kuyi, a student of SMA Negeri 1 Swakarsa, Arso class XII IPA 1
Kristianus Kuyi, SMP Negeri 1 Arso, a class IX D
Frins Kuyi, presidential primary students Bagia PIR III class IV
Emilianus Kuyi, students PIR III Bagia presidential primary grade III
Charles Yaboy, Sawyatami presidential primary students, grade IV
Nike Ardila Yaboy Sanggwa, student Sawyatami presidential primary class 1
Kristian Pekeukir, elementary students YPPK Dununmamoy Arso, class IV
Joan Kimber, student Sawyatami presidential primary, grade III

The report also menybutkan Elsham the date of July 2, 2012 until the report is made, the students will not have to go to school. YK Elsham encountered in the camp explained that she not go to school because of fear of the TNI / police. "I was scared, I'll shoot the soldiers. I pu father also fought for an independent Papua to school so I am afraid, "said YK plain tone. (Adm)
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